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twenty-six; first assignment.

I'm glad to see everyone is getting settled in and back into their day-to-day schedules. For our new students, welcome! I'm Professor Thobari Durandal Kumohira, or just Professor Kumohira if you'd like.

Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, I'll be your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor! To our fifth and seventh years, this is a very important year for you all, so I hope you'll all be preparing especially for your tests. I hope to instruct you to the best of my ability and hope we can have a great year together!

Here are your first assignments, to be handed in on September 15th.

First Years: Essay; What is a Dark Art? - 20cm

Second Years: Essay; What is a Dark Item? - 25cm

Third Years: Essay; What are the qualifications of a Dark Creature? - 40cm

Fourth Years: Essay; What are Dark Detectors and how are they used? - 55cm

Fifth Years - Sixth Years: Essay; Curses: How are they different from Spells and Jinxes? - 70cm

Seventh Years: Review and creating an outline for NEWTs.

[[Swiped from Yukimi, though the lengths are a bit different, take note!]]

Filtered to Gryffindors;
I'd also like to especially welcome you all to the new year. As you may or may not have heard, I'll be your Head of House this year, so if you need anything, please take it up with me. We can't win the House Cup if you start by losing points... Let's try to stay out of trouble, alright?
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